More Resources on How to Become a Ticket Broker

To become an online ticket broker you need less than $100 if you want to start small. You could purchase 2-3 tickets and flip those and still see a reasonable return on investment! For each ticket that successfully sells out you can expect a ROI of 50%-200% profit.

You can read more about the return on invest of investment of reselling tickets on

The first step in become a successful ticket broker is learning what shows are expected to sell out. This is best done by doing your research! Talking to other ticket brokers is a great way of doing this. Also purchasing tickets that you are familiar with is great!

This is a great way hobby to pick up because you also get cultured in music and entertainment. You can still turn a profit while going to the shows you buy the tickets for! Whenever a popular artist comes to my area I always buy tickets when I think it will sell out. This allows me to go see the show for free while making money selling tickets.


OOOO BOI lets make some money selling tickets. Here is a youtube channel thats all about scalping tickets online!

Dont go venturing into the ticket business alone. Read up on information surrounding the subject and you will avoid many mistakes that are common among beginners. For example, 18+ only shows are very risky to buy depending on the artist — their fan base may be mostly teenagers.

Check out this article on selling tickets: Ticket scalping tips

It provides a good overview of what you should be aware of before buying tickets to sell. Don’t blindly buy your tickets. So many people have looked a show that looks good and bought tickets. There are several things you should look into before buying the ticket. Some of these things are:

  • Spotify Followers (This can give you a good idea of the current popularity of an artist)
  • Venue Capacity
  • Venue Ratings
  • Where the artist is from
  • Newly released music

These are just a couple of the factors which may tell you if a show will sell out or not. The more you buy and sell tickets, the better the feel you get for good shows.

BE CAREFUL! Yes, you can lose money in this business. But as long as you are not completely retarded and think things through, you will most likely bank fat stacks!

Stop waiting around and dive right in. Money is waiting to be filling your pockets!




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